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Selected Helpers

Alternate Helper: Marvin Eng

Final selection (front/back half, IGP 1-3) will be done on Friday, October 15 by the protection phase judge Mr. Ludovic Mascaro (Switzerland).



Helper equipment and blinds provided by Dog Sport Gear

Evo Sleeve: 

Redline Helper Lightweight pants: https://www.dogsportgear.ca/RedLine-K9-Lightweight-Bib-Style-Trial-Training-Pants_p_4965.html 


Red blinds: 

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and the possible cancellation of this year's FCI IGP World Championship, the CWDF may reschedule its All-breed IGP & FH National Championship to later in the Fall. Decision shall be made in the begining of May.
Canadian Working Dog Federation 2021 IGP & FH All-breed National Championship