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Supervisor: Dorwin Anderson
Email: dorwin502@icloud.com

IGP Tracking-Obedience-Protection: Rinus Bastiaansen

Mr. Bastiaansen is from Belgium. He became an FCI judge in 2003 and has since judged numerous Club, Regional, National, International and World Championships including the 2014 WUSV UniversalSieger (C), 2017 WUSV (C) and FMBB 2018 (B+C).
"As a judge, my special attention goes out that the dogs that work in the different phases as described...
TRACKING: with a deep nose, independent, intense and concentrated work .....
OBEDIENCE: fast, happy, cheerful and correct work...
PROTECTION: independent, self sure, courageous work with hard, calm and full grips combined with intense guarding."

FH Tracking: Andrea Duggan

Andrea has been involved in the sport of Schutzhund/IGP since 1988 and has been a member of UScA for 15 years. 
She is a UScA/GSSCC/CWDF Judge since 2013, GSSCC Head Judge since 2016 and CWDF Director of Judges since 2017.
She has judged several Regional Championships and was the tracking judge for the 2014 and 2017 GSSCC National IPO Championships, 2015 UScA Working Dog Championships and 2018 CWDF IPO-FH Championship.

She has raised, trained and handled 3 GSD's to SchH3 and 2 dogs from a SchH/IPO1 thru 3. She has also attained FH titles with two of these.
She is a member of Lower Mainland German Shepherd Dog Club in British Columbia, Canada, where she currently resides.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and the possible cancellation of this year's FCI IGP World Championship, the CWDF may reschedule its All-breed IGP & FH National Championship to later in the Fall. Decision shall be made in the begining of May.
Canadian Working Dog Federation 2021 IGP & FH All-breed National Championship