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The initial slot of judges (R. Bastiaansen / A. Duggan) had to be revised due to covid-related constraints. The new anticipated judges are shown below and will be confirmed in the few weeks prior to the event, to address any possible change in restrictions for international travels. 

Dorwin Anderson
Email: dorwin502@icloud.com

IGP Obedience-Protection and IGP-FH track #2: Ludovic Mascaro, Switzerland

Mr. Mascaro was introduced to working dogs as a Swiss Border Patrol K-9 handler and started helper work soon after. His first sport dog was a German Shepherd that he titled to IGP 3. With his next dog, another German Shepherd, he competed at the Swiss National IGP 3 Championship and WUSV Team selection. He titled several other dogs to the IGP 3 level after that (German and Belgian Shepherds). Currently, he is preparing his Malinois for the Swiss all-breed National Championship in October.

As a trial helper, he worked in club trials, championships, then became a Teaching Helper and assessor of the final test for club and championship level helpers of the Swiss Kennel Club.
As a training helper, he worked dogs in many clubs and led protection and obedience seminars. He is an instructor at Geneva’s German Shepherd Club and coaches a group of world-level handlers and dogs.
In 2012, he successfully passed his IGP Judge exam after 2 years of intense “Swiss-style” training and education, and since then officiated as a judge for:
- about 50 club trials
- 5 selection trials for the FMBB and FCI Swiss teams
- 2 selection trials for the WUSV Swiss team
- 1 selection trial for the WUSV French team and National all-breed Championship
- 2 Swiss National all-breed Championships
- 1 Spanish National Championship and FMBB team selection
- 1 FMBB World Championship (2019)
- 1 DMC (German Malinois Club) selection trial
- Several CACITs (International FCI events)
In championships, he has mostly judged the Protection phase, his favourite discipline.
He is a Teaching Judge for applicant judges of the Swiss Kennel Club and a member of the Swiss Utility Dogs Commission.

IGP Tracking, IFH and IGP-FH track #1: Dorwin Anderson, Canada


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and the possible cancellation of this year's FCI IGP World Championship, the CWDF may reschedule its All-breed IGP & FH National Championship to later in the Fall. Decision shall be made in the begining of May.
Canadian Working Dog Federation 2021 IGP & FH All-breed National Championship